The Omega Point is a cosmological theory which describes how every conscious being in existence will one day be resurrected in a computer simulated paradise.  In the future our bodies will shed their biological nature, creating artificial intelligences and uploading human consciousness into a computer substrate.  This event, known as the Singularity by Transhumanists, will allows us to eventually colonize and take control of all the matter in the universe.  By manipulating this matter, a supercomputer can be built which will discover the complete laws of physics.  With this knowledge, it will be able to simulate the universe since the very beginning (the big bang) with perfect precision.  Every conscious entity (humans and animals alike) will be resurrected and placed in a new simulation which will be the classical notion of heaven - no pain, extreme happiness, reunion with loved ones, etc.  For more information read "The Physics of Immortality" by physicist Frank Tipler.  

*More information coming soon